About Direct Repair Laboratories

For over 30 years, Direct Repair Laboratories (DRL) has been has been providing advanced repair services. Today, our focus is on precision semiconductor machinery. Committed to premium customer experience, DRL aims to keep its customers’ operations running smoothly and efficiently with minimum hassle. We do our best work when we connect directly with the engineering and technician staff to solve the problems they are facing with their equipment. We have deep repair experience and documented IP in a vast array of complex equipment, plus the curiosity and ingenuity to take on new challenges as they arise.

DRL is located Beaverton, OR, USA, and serves customers worldwide. Our world class technical staff is ready and willing to take on challenges that come from all corners of the globe where our customers have manufacturing facilities. We have become the trusted source for many customers who need innovative repairs on their valuable machinery.

The DRL team is a seasoned, highly skilled group of engineers and technicians. We are constantly innovating and evolving to match the needs of our customers.

DRL is Female Owned

Over 30 Years in Business

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